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Fancy Feast Pate:

-Tender Liver & Chicken



We offer wet food four or more times a day to kittens up to 1 year of age, then three times a day for adults.  We free feed Royal Canin Maine Coon dry food to all our breeding cats. 

Have clean water always available. Avoid plastic due to bacteria growth and chemical leeching. Some cats drop items into their water bowl, so make sure to monitor and change the water regularly.

The food dish should be flat, not deep. It should ideally be dishwasher safe and made of either ceramic, glass, or stainless steel.


Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter

We use a dust free clumping cat litter. You will need an extra large litter tray/ bin for your maine coon. Uncovered is better. If you have a male, they tend to put a foot up so make sure you have enough litter to keep it heavy enough not to flip. 

You can switch your kitten to a litter of your choice or you can human toilet train them using a colander with flushable litter that fits under the toilet seat. Other methods of toilet training such as Litter Quitter, City Cat, etc. are also possible.


We use Revolution on our cats. It prevents fleas, ticks, some parasites, and heartworms. This monthly prescription medication is available through your vet. We do not recommend the chemical pesticides.


Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry Flavour

We brush teeth daily with enzymatic toothpaste to prevent tartar buildup. We recommend you try to brush at least twice a week. Yearly dental cleaning recommended by vets, but we find once every 2-3 years keeps the teeth in good condition.


Metal de-shedding comb (Chris Christensen)

Grooming glove (silicone)

Shaver (human grade)

Furniture de-linter

Cat nail scissors

Daily grooming makes for a great bonding time. Also a great time to check your cat's skin for any unusual lumps or mats. I recommend a hygiene shave in the armpits and around the bum / back of legs. If you can manage this yourself, go for it. If not, ask your vet or groomer.

Cat nails tips should be trimmed weekly at first, then every two weeks after the age of one. Ask your vet for a demo on how to do this if you are uncertain.

Avoid cats ingesting hair by cleaning areas where cats rest with a de-linter of your choice. Best done daily.


Beware feathers, elastics, sharp ribbons

Simple toys are best. A clean stick about the size of a pencil is great for playing fetch. A scrunched up ball of paper is great for a game of pass. All cats love empty boxes. Anything on the end of a string is irresistible to those with high prey drive. Beware feathers that might break off in the mouth, elastics that are choking hazards if they get wrapped around the neck, and sharp ribbons that can cut the inside of the mouth. Supervise toy time to be safe.


So many choices

Remove any long dangling 'toys' on the cat tree as they are a strangulation hazard. Maine Coons are strong and can accidentally push or pull the tree down during a vigorous play session. Kittens should not be given very tall cat trees until they are older because they can fall and be injured.

Choose trees that can be easily cleaned if there is an accident. Soft material wears faster. Be able to buy replacement sisal rope areas or replace these yourself as they wear.

You can find custom cat trees for sale online or for sale at pet stores. There are exterior and interior trees. If you plan to put the tree on your patio, ensure that the cat tree is made of solid wood or other material that can handle damp.

Repair or replace trees if they become wobbly or the material becomes very worn.


Provide vertical and horizontal scratching posts. One per cat minimum as these are also territory markers. Sisal rope, cardboard, rough shoe cleaning mats or anything else in your budget. Do not provide carpet scratching posts if you have carpet in your house to prevent association.


Safe outside time

Enclose your patio or balcony with deer fencing to create a safe space for your cat to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you have pet screens on all your windows. This will not only decrease the number of flies and mosquitoes coming in (which can carry parasites that harm your cat), but will prevent your cat from falling out from higher storey windows.

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